News & Bulletins

If you are interested in an excursion, we can help, all three vessels are available by the hour, reservations  required. Thank you for your patronage. 
Claims of being the best , descriptions to entice and guarantees to gain unwarranted trust are annoying! Our goal is to simply provide reliable, safe and user friendly service with your budget and interest in mind.
      Now Offering Provisioning Services to the San Juan's!
We are excited to announce that Paraclete Charters will be serving the greater San Juan Island area to provide pick-up and delivery of
goods from Anacortes and the surrounding areas on the mainland! Many local businesses have options to hold accounts and are able to take your orders to be ready for our staff to pick up. Additionally, we can hold a credit card authorization form on file to pay for provisions on your behalf at businesses where an account is not an option. Please call our dispatch for more information and to find out how we can save you a trip to town by picking up your provisions for you and delivering them to your local dock or beach landing.

The cost for this provisioning service is a simple one-way fare for the delivery at the regular price rate to your 'zone' (find your zone pricing on our 'Rates' page), plus $20/hour for errands within Anacortes, $25/hour to travel to neighboring communities (Mount Vernon, Burlington, Whidbey Island, etc.).
Koi-no-nia (Greek) for Fellowship, is ready to serve! The "Koinonia" is available for your transportation needs. The Koinonia is certified for 48 passengers (seatting inside for 36) starting at $525 per hour (minimum or sur-charge may apply).
      Yellow Island
If you are interested in a trip to Yellow Island to explore the wild flowers, organizing a group would be the best value.  Individuals may make reservations aboard the Paraclete (zone C3) please refer to the rate schedule. In addition, If you, your family, group or organization  have interest in additional themed excursions, we can help facilitate.
Based on the distance around the Earth at the equator and total operating hours, The P/V Paraclete has been around the world approximately 69 times! and our crew has over one hundred and twenty five years of combined boating experience.
"Paraclete" (Greek for): Advocate, encourager or comforter ( Holy Spirit)
      25 Years of Service
We have served the people of the San Juan Islands since 1992. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. If you have any concerns or thoughts on how we can better serve you, please advise accordingly.
      Community Organizations & Services
It's our privilege and responsibility to be supportive of community organizations and services. Thank you for your support.
      Confirm Reservations
If you have been trying to contact us by e-mail and have not recieved a response.... oops! Please call or text (360) 420-5187. If you don't get a confirmation or response, try again: PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE. We are available 24 hours a day and try to answer the phone when it rings. E-mail is checked periodically. Thank you for checking our web site.
      San Juan Archipelago
There are over 168 islands in the San Juan Archipelago,only four are served by the Washington State Ferry Service. Following is a list of some of the islands that we provide service to: Orcas, San Juan, Lopez, Shaw, Center, Decatur, Blakely, Cypress, Sinclair, Crane, Stuart, Waldron, Patos, Sucia, Jones, James, Obstruction, Henry, Pearl, McConnell, Burrows, Allan, Vendovi, Eliza, Canoe, Finger, Matia, Armitage, Turn, Guemes and Clark.

Services are available 24/7 year round. Rates are available by individual and by the hour. Departures are scheduled according to demand and availability. Reservations are required.