David Wortman, Author of the Upcoming Book Exploring the San Juan Islands, Seattle, Washington
Paraclete Charters is truly a great resource for year-round outdoor adventure in the San Juans, whether it's a quick weekend away or a longer journey exploring the Islands. With Paraclete, hikers, bikers, and paddlers alike can create custom itineraries, accessing remote corners of the San Juans not accessible by the ferries - places where they can get away from the crowds and experience beauty and diversity of this special place as it was meant to be. On a recent winter hiking trip with Paraclete to Cypress Island, we roamed for miles among the beaches, bays, and forest trails without seeing another soul. Magnificent.
Lindy, Home owner, Blakely Island, Washington
I have watched the furry of winter weather for many days now from my little cabin windows. The sky has been an immutable ominous dark gray, and the rain so dense and constant it saturates not only the soil, buy also the mind, with a sharp harsh chill. The wind has howled relentlessly, tossing trees without mercy and churning up the water into a frenzy of white tumult. There have been few planes coming in during these threatening days, and only one boat on the water... the Paraclete.

I know the sound of the Paraclete engines... and hear her course to Blakely long before the boat comes into view. The sound has had a comforting resonance to me during these harsh winter days. I sense it's subtle humming far in the distance despite the shrieking wind, and when the boat comes by my shore, the engines generate a strong, powerful tone... a sound and symbol of fearless confidence. I watch enormous whitecaps devour the boat as it heads again out into open water, and I know that around the southern reach of Blakely are 12 foot crests she will ride as she makes her way back to port across Rosario Strait. I am amazed and grateful that you built a boat that can manage these seas in the winter, and that your captains and crew, pilot the boat with commitment, knowledge and skill.

To me, the Paraclete is warmth, comfort, friends... it is a safe trip to and from my island home even on days of treacherous weather... it is confidence that I can live out here in this beautiful place alone, without fear that I am vulnerable... The Paraclete will bring me home when I am sick and some day take me off the island for the last time when I am too old to live this life.

Thanks for being here for us all.
Keith Baron, Director of Product Resources, Tauck World Discovery
Thank you for the excellent efforts that you and your staff have extended on behalf of Tauck World Discovery. You have played an integral role in the success of our "Pacific Northwest" itinerary over the years.

We hope that at some point the opportunity may arise to work with you again. Until then, please accept our deepest thanks to you and your staff who have served us so well.
Constance, Resident, Cypress Island
It has been said that life is a journey not a destination. That idea has been brought home to me while using Paraclete Charters. Though finding reliable, affordable transport was essential to moving to Cypress Island, in my mind it was just a pesky detail. I needed to get from point A to point B, period. To my surprise, what I had considered to be almost incidental has turned out to be one of the highlights of living on Cypress.

Dealing with Paraclete is always a pleasure. You have been flexible and accommodating in regards to scheduling. I appreciate your willingness to look for win-win solutions since my stop is not exactly on the "main drag". I know that the rocky beach amidst the currents of Rosario Strait can present challenges and I appreciate how you have worked to get me there in all kinds of weather and various tides. Of course your crew is competent, helpful and punctual. These are all things you would expect from a top notch charter service.

What I didn't expect was to enjoy the process so much. To meet so many darn nice people. The Paraclete is like an airport or a train station - a central hub for comings and goings. Each ride is unique with a different configuration of eccentric islanders, work crews and visitors. It reminds me of a television series with a regular cast of characters and a new set of guests each time. There are always stories of drama, adventure and comic relief against the profoundly stunning backdrop of the San Juan Islands.

I knew you'd get me there. I just didn't realize it'd be so fun.?

Thanks for the ride.
Diana, Resident, Seattle, Washington
No doubt you've heard by now of the Paraclete's rescue of a hypothermic kayaker yesterday afternoon on Rosario Straits. I just wanted to make sure you also knew what a tremendous job the crew did. They knew just what course of action to take and were calm, confident, and in control throughout the entire event.

It was pretty amazing to watch the crew save someone's life. As you know, my family makes a lot of crossings to and from Decatur Island on the Paraclete, and it's reassuring to know that our safety is in the hands of such capable people. Kudos to them, and to you for employing such a fine crew.
Lyle Schellenberg, President, Armadillo Underground Inc.
I wanted to thank the management and crew of Paraclete, for helping us make our project a success. Wheter coming or going from Blakely, you always provided a schedule to meet our needs. Your service is superb and with your help, we were able to make our project a success.
Gale, resident Anacortes.
I wanted to thank you again for your timely and extremely responsive service. I've known you for over ten years now and often admired the grace with which you've responded to urgent requests and short notice changes; but, I've not been the one to make such a request before, so this gave me a unique opportunity to "test" your service, attitude, and flexability.

You performed exceptionally well!!

My urgent, almost frantic call was prompted by a last minute extension of the public hearing for Spencer's Landing marina, which pushed the end of the hearing well past the time when travel by either the Washington State Ferry or the Kenmore Air flights would have been convenient, timely or cost effective options.

I was frankly amazed that you were able to arrange for ground transportation within ten minutes - and then to coordinate our transportation requirements for six people with another run in the midst of an already busy schedule for Paraclete.

The hearing ended; the ground transportation arrived; and we walked onto the Paraclete a few minutes later, as though it were planned that way all along - as though I were some "pretty special character" with influential connections to have my own charter service just waiting at my command.

The whole affair really impressed the two Seattle attorneys, who witnessed your service, and who will, I trust, consider using you in the future for their business, and perhaps even their personal needs when they travel to the San Juan Islands.

Thanks again for your extraordinary service, as well as for your friendship.